Baltimore County

Jewish Russian Center and Synagogue
6701 Old Pimlico Road
Baltimore, MD 21209
The Jewish Musem of Maryland
15 Lloyd Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

Baltimore Hebrew University
5800 Park Heights Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21215
410.578.6934 or 1.888.248.7420
The Baltimore Jewish Times
2104 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21218
The Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore
Telephone: 410-542-4900 or 410-356-5200
5750 Park Heights Ave., Baltimore, MD 21215
Telephone: 410-466-9200 Fax 410-664-0551

THE ASSOCIATED Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore
101 W. Mount Royal Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21201-5781  Telephone:410-727-4828x307
Jewish Vocational Service
515 Reisterstown Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21208
Phone: 410-486-0099 Fax: 410-486-0957
The Jewish Vocational Service is an employment counseling and career development agency. It offers occupational aptitude and interest evaluations; resume preparation; job leads; training in job search, interview, and job-keeping skills; and a job resource library. It maintains the Volunteer Clearinghouse, a central listing of job opportunities for people interested in doing volunteer work in the community. JVS also offers a vocational rehabilitation program for people with barriers to employment.
Comprehensive Housing Assistance, Inc.
5721 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21215
Phone: 410-466-1990
Fax: 410-466-1996

Agudath Israel Info Line
    6202 Park Heights Avenue    410-764-3333
Agudath Israel-Greenspring
    6107 Greenspring Avenue    410-358-8257
Beth Abraham
    6208 Walls Avenue    410-358-7456
Beth Isaac Adath Israel Congregation
    4398 Crest Heights Road,    410-486-8338
Beth Jacob Congregation
    5713 Park Heights Avenue    410-466-1266
Beth Tffloh Congregation
    3300 Old Court Road    410-486-1900
B'Nai Israel Congregation
    27 Uoyd Street    410-732-5454
B'Nai Jacob Congregation
    3615 Seven Mile Lane    410-358-8969
Darchei Tzedek
    7307 Seven Mile Lane    410-653-1688
Khal Ahavas Yisroel Tzemach Tzedek
    6811 Park Heights Avenue    410-358-5425
Liberty Jewish Center
    7000 Rockland Hill Drive    410-653-7485
Moses Montefiore Emunath Israel (Woodmoor Hebrew Congregation)
    3605 Coronado Road 410-655-4484
Ner Tamid Congregation
    6214 Pimlico Road    410-358-6500
Shaarei Zion Congregation
    6602 Park Heights Avenue    410-764-6810
Shearith Israel
    Park Heights & Glen Avenues    410-466-3060
Shomrei Emunah Congregation
    6221 Greenspring Avenue    410-764-7755
Suburban Orthodox Congregation
    7504 Seven Mile Lane    410-484-6114
Tiferes Yisroel
    6201 Park Heights Avenue    410-764-1971
Winands Road Synagogue Center
    8701 Winands Road    410-655-1353
Sephardic Orthodox
Congregation Netzach Israel
    6615 Park Heights Avenue    410-764-1246
Adat Chaim
    115 Cockeysmill Rd.    410-833-7485
Beth El Congregation
    8101 Park Heights Avenue    410-484-0411
Beth Israel Congregation
    3706 Crondall Lane    410-654-0800
Chizuk Arnuno Congregation
    8100 Stevenson Road    410-486-6400
Baltimore Hebrew Congregation
    7401 Park Heights Avenue    410-764-1587
Har Sinai Congregation
    6300 Park Heights Avenue    410-764-2882
Temple Emanuel
    909 Berrymans Lane    410-526-3676
Temple Oheb Shalom Congregation
    7310 Park Heights Avenue    410-358-0105
Adath Yeshurun/Magen Abraham
Chabad at U. of Maryland
Shomrei Emunah